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THINKIN ABOUT IT is the new full-length from Full Sun, an enduring Bloomington, IN punk band that has existed in various forms for 9 years. Revolving around Jeff Grant’s songs and often his home recordings, various members have come and gone, as have entire local scenes and circles where the band may have briefly fit in. This new album is the first collaboration by a dedicated lineup, consisting of Erin Tobey, Alex Mann, and Cole Champion. The band is tightly dialed-in, with a dual guitar attack bringing depth and chaos when needed. Prior Full Sun releases chart the course here, sounding like a mix tape made to inspire what’s found in THINKIN. Diversions from the straightforward punk tunes can still be found, but they’re contained within the songs themselves rather than the standalone dub experiments or shoegaze tracks.

Although this album laid in waiting for a couple years before being released, it collected no dust. Completed before the current administration took office, and before band members Grant and Tobey had their first child together, the songs sit on the precipice of change, knowing something truly different is just around the corner. The album often looks backward into nostalgia and forward into paranoia, as Grant tries to sort out key moments in between.