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ABC Gum TAPE Out Now!


The four wildmen of ABC GUM are collectively responsible for heaps of great Bloomington rock records, with a lineup that boasts members of The Cowboys, The Dancing Cigarettes, Purple 7 and Sir Deja Doog, just to name a few.  The New Arcade finds the boys mining sweet rock candy from the sounds of rock'n'roll's past, but tempering it with a darkness that rightfully reflects our present tension.   The tunes range from upbeat bubblegum pop to raw garage stompers, and while there are a handful of lighthearted tales on here that recall past pop confections in their celebration of lust and love, you’re just as likely to find the boys feeling downhearted and dejected or conjuring visions of the grave. But even when things get grim or violent the  New Arcade still comes off sounding like one big party and finally gives the outside world a glimpse of what Midwestern basement dwellers have been getting down to for the past couple of years.

Limited to 100 tapes pressed on white shells with pink imprint.