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Pre-order Evening Standards 'Worlds End' LP

The second full length album from Bloomington’s own Evening Standards out June 7th. Super limited to 200 LP’s on vinyl. With members of Future Virgins, Purple 7, Landlord, Fat Shadow and more. This amazinf band is not to be over looked!

A guitar shredding wood artist + English major tarot reader + horror loving librarian = Evening Standards. Formed in the green mush of southern Indiana and fortified by sour beers ‘n’ fried shrimp, ES moves in spaces between 80’s LA punk, riot grrl, and Midwestern basement pop. Big harmonic vocals and heavy riffs peel back to reveal poppy love feels.

LPR-189 Cover.jpg

Big love and death songs from a southern Indiana triforce of basement pop, WORLD’S END holds calls to action, admissions of failure, and ecstatic parties full of hope. This second album from Evening Standards is a celebration of love, resilience, and chosen family: “You won’t dent the shrine/you’ll heal just fine/blood can only draw one line.” It’s also a fuck you to tired ways of thinking “Didn’t lift a finger/thought it was in the can” and an invitation to righteous anger “I wanna see him go down in flames/I wanna see his head on a plate/I wanna see it on the front page.” It’s heavier, louder, and somehow more delicate. Just put this down and go out, go listen, go up.