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Pre-order Spencer Moody and the Anzalones 'An Old Man Called Me Bud Cort' LP/ TAPE and Future Virgins 'Dirty Smile 7" Anthology' LP!

CLICK HERE! To order Spencer Moody and the Anzalones 'An Old Man Called Me Bud Cort' LP / TAPE! Ships February 10th. 

Anthony Anzalone and Spencer Moody, (Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide, and Smoke & Smoke) started working on these songs years ago. At first recorded on their own at a practice space and later finishing up in a nice studio provided by friend, Bryan Ray Turcotte.

What is expressed on this record is totally uncompromised. It's really truly the two of them, Spencer and Anthony. They will continue to make records together until they have torn the head completely loose of the body. Please enjoy.

In 2016, Spencer Moody released Gothic Songs for Shelley, and has a split 7” with Rad Payoff coming out in Spring 2017. Both coming out on Let’s Pretend Records.

CLICK HERE! To order Future Virgins 'Dirty Smiles 7" Anthology' LP! Ships February 17th!

Loyal fans of Chattanooga’s FUTURE VIRGINS finally have the band’s early recorded material in one place! The Dirty Smiles 7” Anthology LP contains the first three 7”s released between 2006 and 2009 on Plan-It-X-South, and 2 tracks from 2010’s Do Ya Hear We compilation. More than just the convenience of 6 less side changes required to hear all these tracks, the LP is also sonically superior, having been remastered for maximum punch and clarity. What stands out the most here is how fully-formed the band actually was from the beginning. A decade into their career that continues to pick up speed (2 full-length LP’s came after these early recordings in quick succession, with a third forthcoming), you’re reminded of how intact the songwriting and playing has always been.

Present day Future Virgins shows us something we rarely get to see in the fickle punk world – a long-running band with no member changes that stays perfectly on target. Quite a concept, right? Dirty Smiles isn’t showing us the blueprint for that (look even further into Chattanooga punk history for that); it’s revealing just why the band has endured and why their music will live on.