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New Releases

Remember the dynamite BRENDA'S FRIEND EP we released last year? Half of that magnetic duo is AMY O, and she has swiftly provided us with another fantastic collection of amped-up folk tunes that Let's Pretend is privileged to release.  Need further convincing?  Check out the rave reviews (links below) that AMY is already receiving.

Treble Zine -

Gold Flake Paint -

Unbelievably excited and humbled to announce the release of SPENCER MOODY's Gothic Jazz for Shelley 2-song EP available March 25th in the limited quantity of 300 black vinyl.  Can't wait for the physical copies?  Head over to the LPR bandcamp page to get your fill!  SPENCER, a long time multi-media avant garde artist and singer of THE MURDER CITY DEVILS, has many of his works for public preview here