News and Album Releases

It's been awhile! There have been a lot of awesome things keeping us busy lately. We are super excited to launch this new website so we can keep y'all more connected to what is going on at Let's Pretend Records. There are way more opportunities to stream videos and music and stay up to date with new releases. We are looking forward to being able to keep you guys more informed about your some of your current and future favorite bands. Currently, we are stoked to add the following to the Let's Pretend catalog:

  • Chud S/T 7"
  • Waxeater "Baltimore Record" TAPE
  • Cool Mutants "Surfin' THC" TAPE
  • Rubrics "What is the world without rubble?" TAPE
  • Bad Taste "Cult Status" TAPE
  • Crow Bait "Sliding Through the Halls of Fate" TAPE
  • Future Virgins "Western Problems/Late Republic" x2 TAPE
  • Brenda's Friend "Under the Shrub" TAPE

In addition to the above releases that are now available, we have several releases cooking at the plant: 

  • Apogee Sound Club "Anti Derivative" LP & TAPE
  • Vacation "The Do-Shit Wax" 10"
  • Al Scorch/Dave Dondero split 7"
  • Constant Insult 12" EP

Be sure to check back often; we will have new music to stream and a lot of information on upcoming releases!