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ABC Gum TAPE Out Now!


The four wildmen of ABC GUM are collectively responsible for heaps of great Bloomington rock records, with a lineup that boasts members of The Cowboys, The Dancing Cigarettes, Purple 7 and Sir Deja Doog, just to name a few.  The New Arcade finds the boys mining sweet rock candy from the sounds of rock'n'roll's past, but tempering it with a darkness that rightfully reflects our present tension.   The tunes range from upbeat bubblegum pop to raw garage stompers, and while there are a handful of lighthearted tales on here that recall past pop confections in their celebration of lust and love, you’re just as likely to find the boys feeling downhearted and dejected or conjuring visions of the grave. But even when things get grim or violent the  New Arcade still comes off sounding like one big party and finally gives the outside world a glimpse of what Midwestern basement dwellers have been getting down to for the past couple of years.

Limited to 100 tapes pressed on white shells with pink imprint.

Pre Order Full Sun 'Thinkin About It' LP NOW!

Click to Pre Order Full Sun 'Thinkin About It' LP

This LP is limited to 200 copies and comes with a two color screen printed insert, download code, and black dust sleeve. With this pre-order we are offering several different package deals that include Full Sun’s last album ‘Itch’ for only an extra $5 or include for the first ever Full Sun T-shirt. YOU MUST CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW ALL THE PACKAGE PRE-ORDER DEALS.


THINKIN ABOUT IT is the new full-length from Full Sun, an enduring Bloomington, IN punk band that has existed in various forms for 9 years. Revolving around Jeff Grant’s songs and often his home recordings, various members have come and gone, as have entire local scenes and circles where the band may have briefly fit in. This new album is the first collaboration by a dedicated lineup, consisting of Erin Tobey, Alex Mann, and Cole Champion. The band is tightly dialed-in, with a dual guitar attack bringing depth and chaos when needed. Prior Full Sun releases chart the course here, sounding like a mix tape made to inspire what’s found in THINKIN. Diversions from the straightforward punk tunes can still be found, but they’re contained within the songs themselves rather than the standalone dub experiments or shoegaze tracks.

Although this album laid in waiting for a couple years before being released, it collected no dust. Completed before the current administration took office, and before band members Grant and Tobey had their first child together, the songs sit on the precipice of change, knowing something truly different is just around the corner. The album often looks backward into nostalgia and forward into paranoia, as Grant tries to sort out key moments in between.


Vacation 'Mouth Sounds #2699' OUT NOW on LP, TAPE, and DIGITAL


     Engineered by John Curley from The Afghan Whigs at the Ultrasuede Studio in Cincinnati (RIP), the record finds the band at it's most titanic-- with cranked guitars and billowing snare hits as the only constant in an otherwise heterogenous record in terms of songwriting. 

     The band experiments with some territory previously untouched, with tracks like "Action Road" and "Epileptic Soul" displaying the groups rootsy Petty-esque leanings, and the psychedelic and motorik "Born on a Base" showing the band drawing influence from the likes of Neu/La Dusseldorf. It's a record not short of attitude however-- with blazing tracks like "Broken or Breaking", "Salmonella Candles", and "Taking Out the Trash" offering the groups typical tongue-in-cheek lyrics over catchy punk tunes. As a whole, the record sounds like a group ready for the stadium, if they can only avoid the Miller Lite long enough to get there.

First 200 Sales receive the record on red vinyl with black splatter. 


7/26 - Bloomington, IN @ Root Cellar

7/27 - Cincinnati, OH - MOTR

7/28 - Lexington, KY - Best Friend Bar

7/29 - Chattanooga, TN - DYWH

7/30 - Nashville, TN

8/1 - Louisville, KY @ Butchertown

8/2 - Evansville, IN @ PG

8/3 - Carbondale, IL @ PK’s 

8/4 - Milwaukee, WI @ Center St. Festival

8/5 - Chicago, IL @ The Burlington 

8/6 - Kalamazoo, MI

8/7 - Detroit, MI @ Garden Bowl

8/8 - Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s

8/9 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Camp Clarke

8/10 - Lancaster, PA

8/11 - Gloucester, MA

8/12 - Salem, MA @ Opus

8/13 - Boston, MA @ Charlie’s Kitchen

8/14 - NYC @ Mercury Lounge

8/15 - Philadelphia, PA

8/16 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Monty Hall

8/17 - Baltimore, MD @ Downsquares 

8/18 - Washington DC @ Comet Ping Pong

8/19 - Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon St.

8/20 - Dayton, OH @ Blind Bob’s

EVENING STANDARDS Debut 10 song album OUT NOW and Tour Dates!



In the drab, depressing landscape of current times, Evening Standards are a neon flower refusing to wilt. Heavier & darker than their other projects (Purple 7, Fat Shadow, Future Virgins, Vera Maleta, ADD/C,), Evening Standards are a ´´deep and dark and rolicking crew best enjoyed with bare thighs on a hot car hood´´(Erin Bowers, artist). Themes border on existential AF, but buoyant, hooky pop keeps the darkness harnessed right where they can see it. Daun, Chris Mott, and Cole Champion channel their undying and undead love for each other & community into this ten song, recorded-in-mono-together-in-one-room album.

Engineered by Mike Bridavsky, Russian Recording, Bloomington, IN

Art by Chris Mott


tour dates.jpg

Pre Order Ghastly, Indiana 'Nowhere is Perfect' TAPE


Ghastly, Indiana began in 2016 as a casual songwriting project between friends and Wintermute bandmates Martin Law (the Danger Board) and A.T. Bossenger (Housebroken, Dotti), who wanted to write songs that channelled the energy of ‘90s pop punk without the misogyny, homophobia and racism often reflected in some of their major influences within that genre. Before long, Eric Ayotte (Halo Fauna, Idle Era, the Minor Kind) joined on drums alongside Emily Timm (Moody School, Inky Skulls) on bass. As a quartet, they each bring a different vantage point of ‘80s and ‘90s alternative and indie, warping familiar sounds together to create a vibe that’s just beyond recognizable. The 12 songs on the band’s full length debut, Nowhere is Perfect, soar through jangly riffs, punk breakdowns and emo-inspired refrains while A.T.’s lyrics offer radical, queer’d perspectives on both the political and the mundane. It’s a 22 minute ride jam-packed with heart, harmony and energy.

Ghastly, Indiana is:
Martin Law: guitar
Emily Timm: bass, vocals
Eric Ayotte: drums, vocals
A.T. Bossenger: vocals, guitar

Pre-Order Frankie and the Witch Fingers DRIP/ TEA 7"

LPR-173 COVERwebsite.jpg

Click Here to pre order Frankie and the Witch Fingers DRIP / TEA 7" vinyl. Ships on May 18th or sooner! All 300 are pressed on lavender vinyl. 

    For their first release with Let’s Pretend Records, Frankie & the Witch Fingers have conjured a two headed beast of a 7” that embodies the atmosphere of electric energy that surrounds the LA four-piece. 

On side A, “Drip” oozes out of the speakers and sticks all up in the insides of your ears. The drums burst, the bass bubbles, and the fuzz-soaked melody plunges to the depths of your soul and awakens the fringes of your mind.

The B-side, “Tea” is a sweet elixir of rock n’ roll euphoria that pulls you up off your feet with a haunted stampede boogie--brewing up a wild ride on a twisted groove with classic hooks and roaring guitars.

Both tunes shake and rattle with the anticipation of chaos that captures the madness and vibrations of the band’s electric live sound. 

This hot wax drops May 18 in a limited run of 300 pressed on lavender vinyl, and will be available through the Let’s Pretend website and on merch tables across Europe for the Witch Fingers’ summer tour.

New tapes from Bloomington's BUGG and JON HANCUFF!

LPR-164 Bugg 'S/T' 10 song TAPE Out Now. 


  Bugg is a band from Bloomington, Indiana. Bringing listeners a ten song rock record taking influence from artists like Nirvana, Veruca Salt and the Breeders. TAPE on Let's Pretend Records and LP on Popwig Records.

-Check out what the critics over at Noisey have to say HERE!

Bugg record release show December 7th at The Blockhouse in Bloomington, IN. Don't miss it!


Jon Hancuff 'I Made a Wish' tape is out now! Stoked to be offering something new here at LPR. This is Let's Pretend Record's first comedy tape ever. Recorded locally at Bloomington's own Comedy Attic. And then I got this bio. 

Jon started doing comedy in 1992 and in 1993 he won the Indiana University Campus Comedy Competition. In 1996, he moved to Seattle for a girl, gave up comedy, got dumped, and moved back to Indiana. It was 13 years before he went back on stage. During that time, the life experience he gained (marriage, parenthood, career, divorce, second marriage, lots of dining out) would serve as the catalyst for his second attempt at achieving standup comedy mediocrity. 
He has appeared on Hoosier TV’s “Who’s Laughing Now?”, and won the 2011 Bob and Tom Comedy All Star Contest and the 2013 Bloomington Comedy Contest. He was selected as a featured performer for the Limestone, Arch City, and Let's Fest comedy festivals and Cincinnati's Brew Ha Ha. Jon has appeared on a variety of podcasts, including History Bluffs, Two Gregs One Podcast, Strangers on this Road, Stand By Your Band, and Who's Drinking What? 

In addition, his between-marriage dating experiences (and the notes he kept about those experiences) were part of the inspiration for the independent film “All the Others Were Practice.” 

“Soft-spoken, Jon's jokes sneak up and blindside you.” 
— Mat Alano-Martin, co-creator and co-director of the Limestone and Arch City comedy festivals

"He works hard but makes writing his killer bits look so effortless on stage." 
— Jared Thompson, owner of The Comedy Attic


John Hays 'Backsider' LP OUT NOW, No Men 'Cut' 7" Pre- Order, and Hound tour dates!

LPR-158 John Hays 'Backsider' LP OUT NOW AND TOUR DATES 


   So very excited to bring you the 2nd full length by Cincinnati's own singer song writer John Hays. 11 tracks of the saddest song you will hear from the happiest person I know. This shit is raw and will be sure to bring you down. He works out his darkest issuse and take you on a joureny of weirdness and sadness of liveing in Cincinatti but guides you to the light. So get bummed and stoked for this amazing release. 

   Only 300 pressed on opaque brown vinyl with beautiful packaging and a zine. Split release with long time friends and a true inspreation of Let's Pretend Records, Star Cleaner Records. 

   So much love went into this release so buy it and feel the pain.  


10/6 - Cincinnati, Ohio 

10/9 - Whitesberg, Kentucky 

10/10 - Chattanooga, Tennessee 

10/11 - Murfreesboro, Tennessee 

10/12 - Carbondale, Illinois 

10/13 - Evansville, Indiana


Pre order the new 7'' 'CUT" By NO MEN


Loud music from Chicago. The songwriting pair of D.B. (bass) and Pursley (vocals, drums) relocated from Texas in late 2015, joining forces with local drummer Eric Hofmeister to form the present trio. No Men can be described as queer, femme-fronted, the androgynous opposite of “yes men”, and anti-everything. Equal parts 69, 420, and 666. One bass, dueling vocals, dual drums. No "guitar rock" allowed.

Two new songs pressed on 300 opaque blood red vinyl! This wont be repressed so grab it while you can.  


Hound’s new song “Aqualamb” and Tour Dates


Check out the new track premiere "Aqualamb" at NEW NOISE MAGAZINE!

Tour Dates:
10/2 – Cincinnati, OH at Northside Yacht Club
10/3 – Lexington, KY at The Green Lantern
10/4 – Kansas, MO at Revolution Records
10/5 – Minneapolis, MN at The Eagles Club
10/6 – Milwaukee, WI at Club Timbuktu
10/7 – Chicago, IL at Bric a Brac (early show)
10/7 – Bloomington, IL at The Blockhouse (night show)
10/8 – Birmingham, AL at Saturn
10/9 – Nashville, TN at DRKMTTR
10/10 – Charlotte, NC – Snug Harbor
10/11 – Raleigh, NC – Slims
10/12 – Richmond, VA – Steady Sounds

Excited to be releasing the third album by Philly's maniacal rock and roll trio HOUND. A lot of hard work in the studio went into 'Born Under 76' and more promotion will be coming your way between now and October 20th- music videos, single premieres, and online write-ups, so stay tuned. You can now pre-order this awesome block of rock on vinyl and cassette.     

Hound 76 Cover.gif


Release date and shipping October 20th

1st pressing: 500 LP's pressed on black vinyl and 100 tapes pressed