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New tapes from Bloomington's BUGG and JON HANCUFF!

LPR-164 Bugg 'S/T' 10 song TAPE Out Now. 


  Bugg is a band from Bloomington, Indiana. Bringing listeners a ten song rock record taking influence from artists like Nirvana, Veruca Salt and the Breeders. TAPE on Let's Pretend Records and LP on Popwig Records.

-Check out what the critics over at Noisey have to say HERE!

Bugg record release show December 7th at The Blockhouse in Bloomington, IN. Don't miss it!


Jon Hancuff 'I Made a Wish' tape is out now! Stoked to be offering something new here at LPR. This is Let's Pretend Record's first comedy tape ever. Recorded locally at Bloomington's own Comedy Attic. And then I got this bio. 

Jon started doing comedy in 1992 and in 1993 he won the Indiana University Campus Comedy Competition. In 1996, he moved to Seattle for a girl, gave up comedy, got dumped, and moved back to Indiana. It was 13 years before he went back on stage. During that time, the life experience he gained (marriage, parenthood, career, divorce, second marriage, lots of dining out) would serve as the catalyst for his second attempt at achieving standup comedy mediocrity. 
He has appeared on Hoosier TV’s “Who’s Laughing Now?”, and won the 2011 Bob and Tom Comedy All Star Contest and the 2013 Bloomington Comedy Contest. He was selected as a featured performer for the Limestone, Arch City, and Let's Fest comedy festivals and Cincinnati's Brew Ha Ha. Jon has appeared on a variety of podcasts, including History Bluffs, Two Gregs One Podcast, Strangers on this Road, Stand By Your Band, and Who's Drinking What? 

In addition, his between-marriage dating experiences (and the notes he kept about those experiences) were part of the inspiration for the independent film “All the Others Were Practice.” 

“Soft-spoken, Jon's jokes sneak up and blindside you.” 
— Mat Alano-Martin, co-creator and co-director of the Limestone and Arch City comedy festivals

"He works hard but makes writing his killer bits look so effortless on stage." 
— Jared Thompson, owner of The Comedy Attic


John Hays 'Backsider' LP OUT NOW, No Men 'Cut' 7" Pre- Order, and Hound tour dates!

LPR-158 John Hays 'Backsider' LP OUT NOW AND TOUR DATES 


   So very excited to bring you the 2nd full length by Cincinnati's own singer song writer John Hays. 11 tracks of the saddest song you will hear from the happiest person I know. This shit is raw and will be sure to bring you down. He works out his darkest issuse and take you on a joureny of weirdness and sadness of liveing in Cincinatti but guides you to the light. So get bummed and stoked for this amazing release. 

   Only 300 pressed on opaque brown vinyl with beautiful packaging and a zine. Split release with long time friends and a true inspreation of Let's Pretend Records, Star Cleaner Records. 

   So much love went into this release so buy it and feel the pain.  


10/6 - Cincinnati, Ohio 

10/9 - Whitesberg, Kentucky 

10/10 - Chattanooga, Tennessee 

10/11 - Murfreesboro, Tennessee 

10/12 - Carbondale, Illinois 

10/13 - Evansville, Indiana


Pre order the new 7'' 'CUT" By NO MEN


Loud music from Chicago. The songwriting pair of D.B. (bass) and Pursley (vocals, drums) relocated from Texas in late 2015, joining forces with local drummer Eric Hofmeister to form the present trio. No Men can be described as queer, femme-fronted, the androgynous opposite of “yes men”, and anti-everything. Equal parts 69, 420, and 666. One bass, dueling vocals, dual drums. No "guitar rock" allowed.

Two new songs pressed on 300 opaque blood red vinyl! This wont be repressed so grab it while you can.  


Hound’s new song “Aqualamb” and Tour Dates


Check out the new track premiere "Aqualamb" at NEW NOISE MAGAZINE!

Tour Dates:
10/2 – Cincinnati, OH at Northside Yacht Club
10/3 – Lexington, KY at The Green Lantern
10/4 – Kansas, MO at Revolution Records
10/5 – Minneapolis, MN at The Eagles Club
10/6 – Milwaukee, WI at Club Timbuktu
10/7 – Chicago, IL at Bric a Brac (early show)
10/7 – Bloomington, IL at The Blockhouse (night show)
10/8 – Birmingham, AL at Saturn
10/9 – Nashville, TN at DRKMTTR
10/10 – Charlotte, NC – Snug Harbor
10/11 – Raleigh, NC – Slims
10/12 – Richmond, VA – Steady Sounds

Excited to be releasing the third album by Philly's maniacal rock and roll trio HOUND. A lot of hard work in the studio went into 'Born Under 76' and more promotion will be coming your way between now and October 20th- music videos, single premieres, and online write-ups, so stay tuned. You can now pre-order this awesome block of rock on vinyl and cassette.     

Hound 76 Cover.gif


Release date and shipping October 20th

1st pressing: 500 LP's pressed on black vinyl and 100 tapes pressed 

Three New Tape OUT NOW!

Available Now:

  - INTREPID HEARTS, featuring members of Rag Rage, Babe Quest & B. Arthur, rages out of punk mecca Minneapolis with their first offering of guitar-led pop fury tunes that'll make you bounce on the balls of your dirty Converse.  Grab fast, cause we've only got about 15 in stock.  

- EARLY DISCLAIMERS follows up their 2014 pop indie release on Let's Pretend with another offering by the St. Augustine songwriting trio.  

- DEAD BARS:  Fest punk reigns supreme when these 5 dudes from Seattle collect to pump out one dynamite release after another.  No Idea did the LP, we slammed together the regular album plus an extended B side featuring a different version of the album, "The Directors Cut," plus a couple extra songs!  Bonus brah....

STAY TUNED  for heavy news about this year's upcoming releases from:  FUTURE VIRGINS, sleeping bag, BUGG, gravel, HOUND, no men, and the SHACK UPS................................................


    Swim Team's debut 12 song album is now available for the first time on limited vinyl. Dirty pop songs with suave hooks and aggressive deliveries makes the album a must. Limited to a pressing of 500. First 200 sales will receive clear vinyl with pink splatter.  PRE-ORDER HERE!      


-JUNE17: OTTAWA,ON - Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2017! at Club SAW
-JUNE18: MONTREAL. QB - Turbo Haüs
-JUNE20: KALAMAZOO, MI - Shakespeare's Pub
-JUNE21: CHICAGO, IL - Swim Team (OH) in Chicagoland
-JUNE22: STL, MO - The Sinkhole
-JUNE 23: NASHVILLE, TN - Drkmttr
-JUNE24: CHATTANOOGA, TN - Do Ya Hear We? Chattanooga Punk Fest. Lifers 2017


Spencer Moody / Rad Payoff SPLIT 7" OUT NOW!

So excited to bring you a split 7 inch from two of Let's Pretends finest artists. One powerful tune each that complements one another perfectly. Spencer Moody of Murder City Devils brings a thoughtful slow jam almost bring a mother fuckin tear to your eye. Rad Payoff completely switches it up, bringing there hard hitting tempo down four hundred and twenty notches to a slow creepy crawling song. 300 records pressed on coke bottle clear wax and amazing art and layout by the one and only Zach Hobbs.   

Middle Children Tour and More

The Middle Children album is finally here and we couldn't be more excited to share it with all of you. This fine release is available on 180 gram black vinyl, limited to 500 copies and 100 tapes pressed on clear shells. You can pick this album up here or please check tour dates below to see this amazing band in action and buy the record from them. If interested there are links below where you can hear about the band, album, music video, and full album stream. ENJOY!  


3  Knoxville at the Pilot Light (106 E Jackson Ave)

4  Raleigh, NC at the Slim's Downtown (227 S Wilmington St)

5 Richmond, VA at Gallery 5 (200 W Marshall St)

6 Sweetwater, NJ (house show)

7 Baltimore, MD at the Windup Space  (12 W North Ave)

8 Philadelphia, PA (house show)

9 Brooklyn, NY at Don Pedro (90 Manhattan Ave)

10 New Paulz, NY at Lagusta's Luscious Commissary (11 Church St)



Full Album Stream


Baby boom debut

FISH Debut





Now Distributed by Recess Ops!

Very excited to announce Let's Pretend Records is now exclusively distributed by Recess Ops. Recess Ops is a new company that has brought together like-minded labels aimed to get their records out there, stocked in record stores worldwide. To get in touch and check out their new here!: 

Pre-order Spencer Moody and the Anzalones 'An Old Man Called Me Bud Cort' LP/ TAPE and Future Virgins 'Dirty Smile 7" Anthology' LP!

CLICK HERE! To order Spencer Moody and the Anzalones 'An Old Man Called Me Bud Cort' LP / TAPE! Ships February 10th. 

Anthony Anzalone and Spencer Moody, (Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide, and Smoke & Smoke) started working on these songs years ago. At first recorded on their own at a practice space and later finishing up in a nice studio provided by friend, Bryan Ray Turcotte.

What is expressed on this record is totally uncompromised. It's really truly the two of them, Spencer and Anthony. They will continue to make records together until they have torn the head completely loose of the body. Please enjoy.

In 2016, Spencer Moody released Gothic Songs for Shelley, and has a split 7” with Rad Payoff coming out in Spring 2017. Both coming out on Let’s Pretend Records.

CLICK HERE! To order Future Virgins 'Dirty Smiles 7" Anthology' LP! Ships February 17th!

Loyal fans of Chattanooga’s FUTURE VIRGINS finally have the band’s early recorded material in one place! The Dirty Smiles 7” Anthology LP contains the first three 7”s released between 2006 and 2009 on Plan-It-X-South, and 2 tracks from 2010’s Do Ya Hear We compilation. More than just the convenience of 6 less side changes required to hear all these tracks, the LP is also sonically superior, having been remastered for maximum punch and clarity. What stands out the most here is how fully-formed the band actually was from the beginning. A decade into their career that continues to pick up speed (2 full-length LP’s came after these early recordings in quick succession, with a third forthcoming), you’re reminded of how intact the songwriting and playing has always been.

Present day Future Virgins shows us something we rarely get to see in the fickle punk world – a long-running band with no member changes that stays perfectly on target. Quite a concept, right? Dirty Smiles isn’t showing us the blueprint for that (look even further into Chattanooga punk history for that); it’s revealing just why the band has endured and why their music will live on.